5 Outdoor Exercises that Don't Feel Like Exercise

With the warm weather at full force, it makes for a great time to get both some sun, and some exercise as we all enjoy these long summer days. So here's five outdoor exercises that don't really feel like exercise!


Riding your bike around the beach or park may sound more like recreation then exercise but it actually provides a great, low impact workout. It allows you to use all of the major muscle groups of your body as you pedal and increases stamina and strength. It's a great flexible exercise as you can work as much or as little as you'd like, all whilst still reaping amazing health benefits such as protection from stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and many more serious diseases.


Hiking provides a fantastic way to explore nature all whilst improving cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness. A moderate hour and a half long hike can burn as much as 550 calories whilst lowering your risk of health problems like high cholesterol and triglycerides. Not only do adults experience these benefits but kids as well, leading to better bone health, less chance of developing heart disease, and of course, the start to a healthier lifestyle from a young age.


Much like biking, swimming as a low impact exercise that means you gain many physical and mental health benefits, without putting a large amount of strain on your body. It also shares the ability to be flexible in intensity, whether you simply want to go for a swim at the beach, or 10 hard laps at the community pool, anyone can reap the benefits swimming has to offer such as increased endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strength. 


Although one of the less accessible options on this list, there are many places that rent kayaks near major beaches and rivers and this fun and exciting exercise can be both relaxing or intense depending upon your preference. If you were to go and kayak for 4 hours in an afternoon, you could be burning 400 calories per hour, or 1600 calories in the 4 hour session! All whilst reducing stress and working every muscle in the upper body.


Increasingly popular over the years, yoga has become quite the trend, but not without good reason! Yoga provides a number of proven health benefits, particularly increased flexibility, improved energy and vitality, and cardio and circulatory health. Many community centres provide outdoor yoga classes at reasonable rates, or do some online research of your own, pack a yoga mat and find a nice shady spot to practice by yourself or with friends!


With these five outdoor exercises you leave little room for excuses. So grab your bike, hiking boots, swim trunks, kayak, or yoga mat and hit the outdoors this weekend.

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