TRT & D-aspartic acid combo
TRT & D-aspartic acid combo

TRT & D-aspartic acid combo

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Hormones play a major role in all aspects of a man’s metabolism. Specifically testosterone. Overall feelings of vitality, performance and strength are effected by the dominance of testosterone. Testosterone levels decline at an alarming rate as we age. It’s been documented that average testosterone levels of men have decreased by 1% per year since the 1980s. This is not just affecting middle aged men either, teenagers and even females are also being diagnosed with substantially low levels of testosterone, there are now natural support products that are safe and can be used by both men and women available. 

A majority of the factors that are causing this hormonal shift and decline, are out of our control. Environmental factors such as pollution, physical stress reduces testosterone production in men and women.  Prolonged exposure to human-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) have also been linked to reduced testosterone production, meaning the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers. We are in an over-connected world, and often our health is overlooked. This cycle need to shift back to a balance of health and well-being. Getting the control over your hormonal metabolism is imperative for living a healthy productive and "reproductive" life.

The hormone testosterone is crucial for building muscle, strength and a healthy libido. What isn’t so well known is that testosterone is essential for optimal health and general well-being. The health consequences of low testosterone levels surpass your gym gains and bedroom activities. Low testosterone levels have been linked to increased body fat, a decrease in cognitive function effecting focus, cognitive sharpness, increased risk for depressive mental states, osteoporosis and bone loss, and increased cardiac risks such as heart disease. Not only are decreasing testosterone levels depriving you of improvements as an athlete, they are depriving you of your health.




Facts & Questions


What is DAA?
D-aspartic acid is one of two forms of the amino acid aspartic acid. Athletes use the benefits of D-AA as a testosterone booster to enhance athletic performance. Elevated testosterone levels can last up to a week and a half in healthy men, with testosterone levels returning to normal afterward. D-AA works in the central brain region to cause a release of hormones, such as luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and growth hormone. It may also build up in the testicles, where it alleviates a rate-limiting step of testosterone synthesis, leading to a testosterone increase.
Why do I need DAA?
Taking D-AA in conjunction with your training will allow you to break your limits and push past the threshold you didn’t think was possible.
How do I take DAA?
Take one (1) tsp. of DAA 30 min prior to training or upon wakening on non-training days.

Supplement Facts

Warning: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have any medical conditions. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.



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