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What does joining our Affiliate Program even mean?

1) Receive a 10% discount code personalized to YOU

2) Share your discount code via your preferred method (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, etc)

3) Get 10% kickback on the amount of purchases made every month with your personalized discount code**

It's that simple! Life is complicated enough, an affiliate program doesn't need to be!

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But who da heck are we?

We are proudly Canadian :flag-ca:
We are passionate about the quality of the ingredients we use. We are known for the amazing taste of our products.
We want YOU to join us in our march towards ultimate health & wellness!


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**Purchase amount calculated before taxes and shipping. If the monthly amount does not meet the 10$ threshold, the amount is carried over to the following month. This puts YOU in control of how profitable you can be!