Alyssa Coppolino

Hi! My name is Alyssa Coppolino and I am an IFBB Women's Physique Pro! 
I've been competing and coaching athletes for many years now, and I am so Proud to have been able to solidify a 2018 Olympia qualification after winning the 2018 VanPro Show! 
I've had a Long history within the health and fitness industry. From Playing Varsity soccer in Ontario, to working with severalSupplement stores, to competing both on the East and West Coasts of Canada!
I have also gained a lot of my education and knowledge through my Honours BA Kinesiology degree, studying Holistic Nutrition as well as learning from some of the top coaches in the Bodybuilding & Fitness industry.
As a coach I take great pride in showing others how amazing it feels to reach your ultimate health goals; from learning how to meal prep for the entire family, to building endurance & strength in the gym and even to step on stage! I love being able to show people that once you choose to make better food choices, build a balanced workout/gym schedule that you too can lead a Happy and Healthy life!
Ballistic Labs is a brand that I've used for years and encourage my athletes and clients to implement, as I trust the quality of ingredients and the transparency of the brand as a whole. It's easy to make informed decisions about the Food & Supplements you use when the base ingredients are listed right there on the label.