Amanda Schmitt

Amanda started her passion for sports at a very young age. She entered the world of competitive sports at the age of 8, competing in gymnastics. She eventually ended up competing at a rep level in every sport she played, which included fast pitch, soccer and ice hockey. Ice hockey quickly became her passion, and main focus. She entered the national training program at the u16 level. After suffering an extensive spine injury, she stepped back from hockey at 18. Looking to regain strength and get rid of her injury once and for all, she turned to weight lifting.

Being the competitor she is, a couple months after joining the weight lifting world, she entered her first bikini competition, where she placed 3rd at the Alberta Margaret Logue Northerns. A month later she stepped on stage again for the INBF West Coast Natural Show where she also took home 3rd place. She competed one more time in the ABBA provincials, before taking a break from stage to continue with playing competitive hockey. She hopes to get a try out in the European pro league in the near future.

While focusing on her own life goals, she also helps coach others to reach theirs. She coaches hockey schools and ice skating from toddlers to college pros. Amanda is also a strength and conditioning coach, and a nutrition coach. Amanda is currently in school to obtain a psychology degree to better understand the mental side of athletes and competition.