Cassie Faris

Cassie grew up with a passion and talent for competitive sports which lead her to compete as an elite soccer, ringette and hockey player. Cassie left the competitive arena after high school to pursue an education and career in criminology. 

However, it didn't take long for Cassie to miss the physical challenge of competitive sports, so she decided to join a local gym where she discovered a new passion; weightlifting. Cassie soon became addicted to the excitement and satisfaction of working out and seeing the changes to her physique.

Fast forward a couple of years, Cassie decided to enter her first body building show.  Cassie proved to herself and others that she was someone to take seriously as she secured a top placing in her class and therefore, qualifying her for the BC Provincials.  Never losing her passion for competing, this win re-affirmed Cassie’s lifelong commitment to fitness.

Cassie now trains with and assists other women in preparing for their first fitness shows while simultaneously preparing herself for her next show. 

Cassie has another side as well as talented singer/songwriter as she works to release her first EP. In addition, she is also working as a support worker for women, children and homeless youth in her community.  If all this wasn't enough, Cassie has also created an annual fundraising event which helps to raise money to provide free corrective surgeries for children and youth born with cleft lip and palates and other facial deformities in developing countries. This fundraising is near and dear to her heart as she too faced this adversity growing up.