Jess Kwasny

Growing up in a small town meant that the main thing to do was sports. If you can name it, Jessica has played it. From hockey, soccer, volleyball, badminton and Ukrainian dance; she was very active through her upbringing. While being active was such a huge part of living in a small town it is something that Jessica has kept up with. Today she continues to play on a woman’s hockey team during the winter and co-ed baseball for the summer months, along with golf. She believes that staying active and fit is the secret formula to the so-called “fountain of youth.”

Jessica joined a gym when she was 16 and since then this grown to be a huge passion for her. She loves pushing herself to the limits and seeing her body adapt and grow to the new challenges she puts it through. While she toyed with the idea of competing for a couple of years, it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that she competed in her first bikini competition. Jessica placed 11th in her first show, and it ignited a spark in her for more. Fast forward to Fall 2016 and a top five placing at Muscle Beach. She is now on prep for Provincials 2017 and is excited for this to be her best package yet.

Fitness and nutrition is a not just a major part in Jessica’s life but her true passion. She is an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified fitness trainer and Specialist in Sports Nutrition. She loves to coach and support clients to meeting their health and fitness goals whether they are just starting out or more advanced. There is no better feeling to her then seeing clients crush their goals and going on to create even bigger ones! If you are looking to take your health or fitness goals to the next level Jessica is always accepting new clients. Her online training programs offer 24/7 support and 100% custom tailored programs to you. She is very excited to announce her coaching website is now up at: