Joe Porter

I grew up being very active in sports and outdoor activities all of my life. Baseball was my passion as a child and when I was 13 years old it all switched to kickboxing and music. I competed in martial arts at a high level for 6 years until my music career kicked off in my early 20’s which forced me to stop competing in martial arts. I travelled the world and had to learn a balance of work and exercise on the road. Needless to say I gained a few pounds until I found a friend at home to take me to the gym and teach me how to lift. From there I found a true passion for fitness. I spent so much time at my gym that the owner took notice and told me to get my personal trainer certification. I got my cert and 5 years later I manage one of his biggest gyms and train up to 35 clients a day.

I did my first Physique competition in 2014 at the Kelowna Classic and placed 4th in my division. Qualified for provincials I decided that I should focus on just building on the physique that I have and build it the way I want before stepping on stage again and competing with the best in the province.

Aside from the gym and bodybuilding I love to just unplug and head into the mountains and go hiking , camping, 4x4’ing.