L-Carnitine Tartrate

Without sufficient amounts of carnitine on a cellular level, the body's ability to burn fat and has to use other sources of energy such as amino acids, that our precious muscles require, and need.

A study published in the in the 2011 found that carnitine levels were elevated by an astounding 21% when subjects were given a L-carnitine tartrate supplement for six months. In turn this higher carnitine level increased the oxidation of fatty acids and thus, increased the fat burning rate. This study also found that people whom had taken the L-carnitine tartrate supplement had lower levels of lactate in their muscles, improved performance during their workouts and faster recovery [5]. Lactate is a metabolism by-product that increases muscle fatigue and soreness, it can contribute you performing less. L-Carnitine can help improve the relationship between lactic acid and your muscles.