L-Tyrosine, one of the greatest metabolism and support amino's. Tyrosine is essential in regulating neurotransmitters such as dopamine, your body’s feel "great" hormone. Even more importantly, tyrosine reduces the production of stress hormones, supports the adrenal glands. We all need support for stress, especially when dieting, your metabolism shift requires support from all the sources it can get, dieting can leave us cutting calories from foods that contain a lot of Tyrosine such as dairy, dark chocolate, and cheeses. You don't get shredded eating cheese, even if the cheese is "shredded".

Thermogenic effects of tyrosine are attributed to the increased thyroid hormone synthesis, and the conversion of tyrosine into specific thyroid hormones. These hormones are solely responsible  for a complete metabolism. In a "tyrosine" rich nutshell- it completes you.

Stabilized energy and well-being is noticed with consistent use of tyrosine.