Patricia Dworkowski

Patricia is a former Public Relations specialist who discovered her passion for fitness in 2015. As a young mom to three young children, it became a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and she had gained a considerable amount of weight. She wanted to have more energy and get in the best shape of her life; even after having kids! 

Patricia began to improve her quality of life through meditation, healthy eating and weight training. The journey to get healthy was not an easy one, but by embracing her new passion for fitness and educating herself on meal plan development, nutrient timing, anatomy and the various training techniques, she managed to lose 72 Lbs over the course of 18 months, and ended up preparing herself for her first bikini competition in October of 2016 where she placed second in her class. 

She is currently enrolled in school to become a Certified Personal Trainer so that she can help others reach their wellness and fitness goals. Her passion for health and fitness continue to grow and she believes she is always evolving, refining and growing into her best self, both mentally and physically. 

This means setting challenging lifestyle goals of her own which currently include competing at an upcoming show in March 2018, completing her certification, developing a coaching website and building her fitness modelling portfolio.

When she isn’t training or studying, Patricia enjoys reading, movies, makeup artistry, time outdoors and fine dining. But above all, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.