Raiane Macedo

Since an early age Raiane has always been involved with sports. Growing up in a small city in Brazil she was very active and played soccer, basketball, handball and even won different competitions in her city with track and field. Before coming to Canada, she was actively training MMA at a Carlson Gracie affiliated gym. She is passionate about keeping herself fit and after living in Ottawa, ON and experiencing winter she had to find an alternative to her outdoor active lifestyle and started lifting in 2010. She fell in love with how challenging and powerful it can be. She believes that strong is beautiful and has no problems with getting a little sweaty at the gym. Besides her consistent routine, Raiane also likes creating and sharing clean and healthy recipes that will fuel your body and give you energy. She now lives in Vancouver and when she is not at the gym you can catch her studying for her CanFitPro certification coming up in October, making workout plans for her friends and biking through Stanley Park or anywhere in the city. She fully believes that maintaining an active life style, healthy food and 70% cacao occasionally is the key to a long vigorous life.