Richy Chan

Richy Chan was 18 years old when he first found his passion for bodybuilding. Once he began his transformation, Richy went from a small 140 lb build to a lean 200 lbs. With this newfound passion and esthetically shaped body, Richy was able to broaden his look thru different magazines such as Muscle Insider, Inside Fitness, Status and Men’s Fitness. He continued to sculpt his physique to later go on to win his WBFF Pro card becoming the bodybuilding champ of BC.

Later this year, Richy is set out to compete at the Popeye’s Fall classic competing in Men’s Classic Physique. When Richy isn’t in the gym he enjoys spending time with his wife Nadia and son Paxton. Richy’s other hobbies include luxury cars, sport bikes and racing road courses.