Sarah Sangha

Born and raised on a dairy farm on the western side of Canada. Most of my childhood was spent chasing cows through fields and stacking hay bales. As I matured I took an interest in showing cattle therefore, I took part in joining a 4-H club.  "The 4-H name represents four personal development areas of focus for the organization: head, heart, hands, and health. ... The goal of 4-H is to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth through experiential learning programs and a positive youth development approach." Through this experience I learned how to public speak, and even did some public speaking competitions. I was the president of my club for a few years. This opportunity also allowed me to travel all over Canada to compete in public speaking, judging, and cattle exhibition shows. I unfortunately stopped doing this when I turned 18, and moved away to go to school.
In highschool I played basketball and volleyball, which is where my weight training actually started. My basketball coach would put us through conditioning session, training practice, and weight sessions. This wasn't when I fell in love with the gym, but it began my passion. Fast forward a couple years to when I was 18. I just moved out of my parents house, and into Langley. I was starting a bachelor of science, and living on my own. I found peace and a type of homi-ness in the gym. I think this is when my passion actually came into place. Whenever I was stressed out, or couldn't sleep I'd get my butt to the gym. I met some really cool people, and this kept me motivated to keep going to the gym, day in and day out. About 6 months after moving, I found I needed a change of scenery and moved to Alberta later that summer. I gained a lot of life experience uprooting myself twice in one year, but never lost my passions. I found a new gym and home when I moved and continued to spend everyday there. When I moved back to BC almost a year later, all of the friends I had made here kept telling me I should think about competing. I wasn't too sure about it, as I'd never considered that sport until this time. In the Fall of 2016 I attended my first show, and just when I thought I couldn't love the art of building a physique anymore, I fell deeper in love. This time with the sport. Not even a week later, I had a coach and was on my way to prepping for my first show, the Leight Brandt in 2017. I was incredibly nervous going into the show, but I had a lovely support group to keep me going. I placed 3rd, and qualified for my next show. I will be competing this summer.

When I'm not in the gym or at work, I enjoy spending my time hiking, and with friends. I truly feel blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada and I look forward to exploring it more as I spend time in Vancouver. In the fall I am going back to school to continue my education and work towards a career I am extremely passionate about. 

My favourite muscle group to train is shoulders. When I first started training I used to finish almost every workout with lateral raises, which is how I developed my cap. I still love doing lateral raises, but training my rear delta has become my new favourite because it's such a fine muscle group, that can be harder to target.