Steve Yurczyszyn

Originally from the charming island of Cape Breton Nova Scotia, Steve now calls Edmonton, Alberta home. While Steve will likely disagree, those who know him best tag him as a natural-born athlete. As a child and early teens Steve excelled in team sports, hockey, basketball, and baseball. Taking especially to baseball, he represented his country playing for the Canadian National team at the age of 18. In his late-teens, Steve began weight-lifting in small gyms in his hometown of North Sydney. By 21 years old, his leisure weight-lifting developed into a passion and lifestyle. In Steve's early 20's he competed in both welter and middle weight classes; placing Top 5 in both shows, thus proving to be mogul of the sport. After taking a 5 year hiatus from competing and moving to Edmonton, Steve picked up competing again. In October 2014, he competed in Alberta Bodybuilding Association's Muscle Beach, placing 2nd out of a large class of 28. Steve continues to live the lifestyle of an ever-evolving bodybuilder; consistently seeking variations and improvements in both his training and diet. Steve is honored to be one of the newest members of the Ballistic Team and looks forward to their future together!